• Books to read over summer

    Due Date: 9/20/19 Created: 6/23/19
    status: In progress (40% Complete)
    Now that school is out, it’s time to catch up on some really great books!
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  • Fitness

    Due Date: 8/8/19 Created: 5/8/19
    status: In progress (NAN% Complete)
    Wanting to lose 20 pounds by my 41st Birthday!! I said 40 was going to be MY YEAR. And although it was great, I don’t feel as accomplished as I want to.
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  • Release 30 pounds

    Due Date: 12/30/19 Created: 4/23/19
    status: In progress (NAN% Complete)
    I have lost 30 in the last 4 months just by cutting sugar and grains from my diet. While weight loss was not the primary goal, I am not complaining and am quite motivated to release the rest of this unnecessary weight.
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