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  • Janine S. Daniels HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tawannie!!
    Aug 10

  • Lynn Daughrity Good day #LMT Family!!!! Remember to #LetGo of anything that's not going to make you smile. Love and Light. Have an amazing weekend.
    Aug 9

  • AnJie S. Good Morning LMT Fam. Have an Marvelous Monday. Have a drink of water soon as you read this!!!!
    Aug 26

  • Jeffrey Fisher I hate the term "broken family." Yes, my marriage ended, but our family still "works." My kids are happy and healthy. My ex and I have moved on with other people in our lives. Our family has adapted in the face of adversity and change. Broken things can't do that!
    Jun 17

  • Ruth George Letting go of this balloon
    Aug 8

  • Raelena Chambry Teach Others How to Value You! By setting the exaMPLE! #YouMatteR #Let'sconnect
    Aug 5

  • Wes Brown Gonna #LetGo of relationships that no longer serve me
    Aug 6

  • Sara Sharifi When we see the Beloved in each person, it's like walking through a garden, watching flowers bloom all around us. ~ Ram Dass
    Aug 21

  • Jen Peterbark Exercising regularly....I was doing so well then fell off to not doing like I should....smh
    Jun 18

  • Trisheana Hunter Hey Tribe! I have been scarce the few days. I had some training for my new health and wellness business which is going amazing. Last night my oldest Queen Kavya fell in her dance company practice and dislocated her knee. She was in the worst pain!! We were both heart broken and worried she wouldn't dance again. we go see her doctor and the ortho surgeon tomorrow, Love you guys
    Aug 19