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Opportunity of a Lifetime

  • OMG what do you mean CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX will all get immediate Press Releases?! Well that’s what the email said. I won’t say names because it involves a known actress. I was presented with an LIVE video on Facebook that mention someone doing a book. The book would consist of multiple authors writing about moments in their life that were life alternating moments. Of course I would be discussing my story of HIV infection. We had to apply and be accepted so I did that I applied and next day was accepted. I was even told that my story was so amazing that there was no question of wanting it to be in the book. In order to finalize everything I had to respond yes or no to the email ASAP and also sign the contract which included an investment of $1,500. I knew they wanted an investment but not how much. They were giving an option to make 4 payments of $400 for 4 months so you didn’t have to pay the whole amount up front.


    Now here’s the kicker! I have been taught through 2 divorces and having my ex-husband prosecuted in a court of law to READ EVERY SINGLE WORD of anything that’s presented to me that will require me to pay or receive funds. I began to read the contract and everything is standard. I keep my rights to my story and all that blah blah blah. I get to EXHIBIT B COMPENSATION. Now I understand the coaching, editing, proofreading, all that and even the ticket to the book release event or whatever it was BUT to say the Client can purchase the book at wholesale, sell it, and then keep 100% of the profit…..BUT yep BUT the COMPANY gets all royalties associated with the book is INSANE! So you mean to tell me I give you my story to put in a book and I don’t get ish in return except a few perks?! NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW Playa Playa! So what if you make a million in sales? I don’t get a dime. I WILL PASS! My book and story is already available. I can just market it the right way and profit and get my royalties as a SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR.


    Everyone listen. Please read contracts and if you don’t understand let someone who does read it. Had I not known to be thorough and read I would have signed, paid, and benefited not a single thing. I love connecting and meeting new people but not when they are just trying to get over on me.

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