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Midlife Breakthrough

  • I’m a blogger so I have a tendency to share my post across the three sites I blog for.. I thought this post from one of my blogs was worth resharing with my Life Management Tribe.

    When you think of being middle-aged you automatically associate your actions or reactions to a having a midlife crisis. I know I did... But I have come to despise the term "midlife crisis" and here is why...

    I think that Elliott Jacques (the guy who created the phrase "midlife crisis") got it all wrong. I think he demonized a natural transition of human nature. At some point we all have to adjust to the terms invincible and inevitable in our own ways. When Jacques labeled this natural life transition, he clearly didn't account for the evolution of technology and all of it's wonder. It would be a safe bet to assert the idea that when he developed his entire concept that he was basing it on his own transitional period. With that being said if you accept it as a crisis then that's exactly what it will be but if we accept this journey of our lives as a "Breakthrough" it can be so much more. Theoretically, he would also like us to accept the terms "crisis" and "breakthrough" to be synonymous in perspective but clearly they are not. Crisis indicates a state of chaos and confusion, while a "breakthrough" is a state of understanding and clarity. It is my hope that when one reaches the mid point of their life cycle that they can reflect upon their life experiences that lead to pivotal moments (successes and failures) and culminate them into a new version of your former self. "Midlifers" in the millennium are the epitome of upgrades and evolution. Embrace it. We don't have to be defined by our youthful accolades. We don't have to give up our dreams to meet a certain age requirement. We are more refined in our middle aged with distinct views on what we want to achieve and when we should achieve it ..

    When a man reaches a certain age, goes out buys an expensive sports car and cruises around listening to rap music; he isn't experiencing a crisis, he is having a breakthrough. I can only imagine that he spent his 20's and 30's busting his ass trying to acquire the means and resources to purchase such an expense. He is not trying to relive his youth, he is simply rewarding it. If a man decides to trade his older model wife in for a younger version of her youth, he is just trying to find someone who compliments his youthful energy.That last statement does mean I condone a man cheating or leaving his wife for a younger woman by any means. However, I am suggesting that if you are a wife of said middle aged man it would be in your best interest to match his youthful energy with your own.

    If a woman makes a drastic change in appearance, breaks out of her normal everyday mundane attire and trades it in for skin tight jeans and a low cut blouse while she is over 40; she is not having a crisis she is having a BREAKTHROUGH. After raising her kids and catering to others she is finally able to look in the mirror and be confident in who she has become. Despite all of her prior insecurities she can now see herself clearly and confidently. If a woman in her prime becomes involved with a man that is her junior in years, don't automatically assume she is trying to "get her groove back". A more accurate assumption would be that she has grown into her sexuality and womanhood in such a way that only a young cub's (if you will) appetite for life will match hers. That last statement is not a suggestion for older women to pursue younger men, however, it is a form of encouragement for single women over 40 to consider companionship alternatives.

    As we eagerly embrace our middle "aging", we should reflect on our youth fondly as we (should) have learned life lessons and growth that have helped us to finally evolve into the fabulous beings that we are. That is not a crisis that is a breakthrough.

    So the next time you get an urge to satisfy what other may consider a youthful fancy, don't be quick to dismiss it as a crisis. You are simply having a midlife BREAKTHROUGH..

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