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Time Long Gone

  • Saw some ivory soap today
    Made me think about a time long gone
    You played outside until the street lights came on
    Mother May I was game not a prerequisite to a question
    Your neighbor could whoop your tail if they caught you acting up
    You thought about talking back but words never left your lips
    Granny’s house was the final destination on a Sunday afternoon
    you knew to leave the room when grown folks were talking and no one had to ask
    Summer afternoons were filled with bike rides tree climbing while chewing on a piece of lemon grass
    You chased the ice cream truck down the street for a snow cone
    Red light green light was for more than just cars
    Putting all your dukes in didn’t incite a war

    Life was simpler then

    Tasted like bubble gum ice cream on a hot sunny day

    Smelled like the chlorinated pool as you jumped in for the first time

    Felt like the rush of excitement as the last day of school came to an end

    Looked like family reunions, holiday gatherings and cousins that were your best friends

    Sounded like the big red ball hitting the pavement as you yelled OUT during the game of four square

    Life was

    Hoping your mother got off the phone so your friend calling didn’t get the busy signal

    Wishing he’d check YES instead of no or maybe on that note you passed him through the three people sitting in front of you

    Simply put, life was

    It became whatever you sought to create it

    Today we merely exist as we strap ourselves down into this hamster wheel we call life

    Floating from one project to the next
    Smelling the roses but not becoming completely overwhelmed and intoxicated by their beauty

    So jaded that a human being can lie dying on the concrete and you’ll extend your phone to record before you’ll extend your hand for help

    I long for the days of old

    For easy bake oven, strawberry shortcake He-Man I haaaaave the power type of moments

    Impromptu soul train lines on Saturday mornings
    knowing the function of a conjunction was top priority on every kids list
    You saw butterflies in the sky but knew you could fly twice as high

    Saw some ivory soap today
    Made me think about a time long gone

    And for one moment, one split second I was there

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