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  • Asa Lovechild Hey folks! Check out the podcast H.E.R. Space. It is helping me a lot to know that I am not alone with the feelings that I sometimes have.
    Aug 1

  • Lady VJ I will manifest clients so I can help more people move forward in their careers. #ManifestMonday
    Aug 26

  • Tonya Bowens Hey Tribe....I am into Holistic natural remedies. I am hearing about STEM CELL. Does anyone know anything about a reputable Stem Cell supplement. I heard about injection, but have not heard of an oral supplement. Maybe you guys can refer me to a holistic website that might help with rejuvenation of cells, repairing cells, plant base that is similar to Stem Cell.
    December 26, 2018

  • Coreen Zalot #ToughQuestions Initially I started college because I agreed out of foster care and had no skills to survive. College and financial aid provided me support and structure. But I kept changing majors. My debt kept climbing and I couldn't choose between chasing dreams of singing and art vs something "responsible" ... Psych, political science, English teacher. I quit then moved across country.. and spent time discovering myself. Went back to school for fine arts. When I had a child things changed. I went back to school for Real Estate and worked in it ten years. I wanted to support my child. It was not until the past 8 years that I've managed to blend together what I'm passionate about and career. Went back to school for nursing, then certified health and wellness coach and yoga teacher/therapist. Being in school with no direction is costly. Is an adventure, but costly. Being in school with purpose, is rewarding and worth it. Knowing where to start, building a foundation that you can branch into ancillary roles, and expand is priceless.
    Jun 22

  • Candace Johnson New Real Estate #SundaySavings
    Jul 7

  • Nicole Desla Learning that your loved ones are not well is so overwhelming. I am literally sitting here thinking why? Why is it that when the sun comes up a cloud has to block the rays. I guess it is just the natural ebb and flow of life. Hell, it doesn't mean I have to like it! SMH. Live life and give thanks for every minute you get. It is a blessing.
    Jun 4

  • Ragpaper Media #MentorshipMondays You have a unique set of experiences that molded you into the person you are. Use that to your advantage.
    May 13