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  • Sarah Heary Today I'm letting go of negative thoughts and vibes. Just walking away
    Aug 7

  • Milan Vracaric Happy Monday morning!☀️
    Aug 5

  • Tomeka Burgess I'm not anti-social...I'm pro-solitude
    Aug 10

  • Erica Kennedy I love the update!!
    Jul 22

  • Marie Millien Hi tribe, Hope everyone is doing well... For me, everything is pretty much routine... Something bothersome happened today, tried to speak to my husband about it but he doesn't seem to see any issue. my husband has a 15 year old son, who I've never met or even spoke to him on the phone (because he never wants to when his father asked him if he wants to speak to me)... He's in Haiti. His mother abandoned him before he was two. Since I married his father, he calls me "mother" (on the rare occasions we exchange WhatApp messages). Earlier today, he sent a message asking how I was doing and how my day had gone. Then goes into how much he loves me and how no words to express how much he loves me...sounds sweet right? Well, the next paragraph was about how he was running out of data on his phone and that's why he has not communicated with me (not exactly true but ok) then he asked I can put minutes on his phone; it would make him so happy and then we will be able to communicate. I showed the messages to my husband without saying anything and he asked me "what's the problem?" I didn't say anything but I'm stewing. I find this exchange with my step son incredibly manipulative. I would have preferred if he had just asked me for data on his phone rather than going on and on about how much he loved me when in the 2 years I've been with his father, we've not spoken once and have gone months and months with zero contact on a WhatApp. It actually makes me worry about how he will be when he starts dating if he already has these tactics .. Am I overreacting?
    Aug 26

  • Travis Graham Gm to all my fellow tribers I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone is well. I wanna take this time to say that I’m finally getting back to who I am and what I’m supposed to be, it’s not been a pleasant journey and it’s not complete but it’s moving quicker than I expected it to and for that I’m happy and blessed. Things happen for a reason and I’m a true believer in that and now I can see clearly now the rain has gone(btw love that song lol) I have my music out now on major platforms now(Tidal,Spotify,Apple Music,etc) and I’m working two jobs and will be getting my new apt in a month so things are finally looking up for me . Now all I want is someone to share it with and that will happen when it’s time for it I’m stoked about this journey I’m embarking on and can’t wait to reach the finish line. I hope everyone enjoys their day and remember ability gets you to the top but it’s character that keeps u there. Talk to y’all soon love u all peace out!!!
    Apr 27

  • Twisty Rita Purge 2019 has been completely stalled by the Summer of Slack '19. My brain needs a kick start, to move again. Only good thing is that my brain needed this time to sort things out, but the body is suffering for it. Lots of changes coming up this fall have me frozen.
    Jul 21

  • Tisha D. My supply is Infinite, for the Universe is my supply and supply will never fail me. #MyAffirmation
    Jul 4

  • Dana Thornton Welp my 49th birthday is fast approaching Monday. I am starting a journey of major change over the course of the next 365 days in preparation of my 50th! (Hence my first post here lol) If not now when? Wish me luck!
    Jul 27