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  • Rahim Shakir My daughter birthday was today !
    Aug 17

  • Monica Montgomery Peace, Today I am grateful for my children. I am grateful to be able to pass on morals, principles and life lessons to them.
    October 20, 2018

  • Eyes N In need of advice...i hope the whole message posts. I've been at my new job a few months now. I have a soft voice but a strong personality--anyone that has worked with me would AND has said this. I am not a timid person. Yet, im having a hard time navigating this environment. My co-workers consistently talk over me and/or act as if they know what im thinking. Bcuz most of my meetings involve ppl outside of my org--i think its unprofessional to talk over them and it looks like we arent united. So, i wait until theyre done to finish and restart what i was saying. The big problem is i was told"in i could benefit fro leadership." Now i feel like becasue im choosing not to be rude, my abilities arebeing questioned. How to i stay true to myself (my professionalism and upbringing) while still demonstrating what my "higher ups" belive is being a leader?
    May 17

  • Lolita Carrico #angerchallenge Ok, so it still infuriates me that my ex-husband just up and disappeared 3 years ago without a word to his (our) sons. Our oldest turned 18 earlier this month, and even though I have no idea if he still checks his email or honestly is even alive, I emailed my ex to let him know that our son - who is now a man - has been through the ringer and had a really rough patch after the unexpected disappearance but now is on the right path and doing amazingly well. I sent him some recent photos of both of the boys. No clue if he got them. But I needed to do that to release my anger. I think it helped me - yes, I am angry that my ex-husband / my sons' dad did this to them AND left me to deal with the turmoil that came with it, but it was therapeutic to tell him - even if he will never see it - that we got through it and are doing ok, even after he threw the biggest wrench ever into our lives.
    Aug 22

  • Danielle Golfieri Breakfast: half a bagel with vegan cream cheese, two slices of tempeh "bacon", and a coffee with non-dairy creamer, no sugar. Lunch: today wasn't so great: 6" tuna sub. (I usually do a nice salad for lunch but today I was short on time. I eat a lot of vegan food but I still have seafood/fish from time to time.) No snacks today so far- no cravings today. Only water to drink. For dinner I will most likely have the salad I didn't have at lunch! Since lunch contained both fish and diary (mayo!) I will keep dinner vegetarian. And I will probably have one beer! ;)
    Jun 24

  • Alaric Lofton Good morning LMT la familia. My visits are far and in between, but I guess that is a good thing. I am a little busier these days. I need to make sure my busy is not counter-productive, but effecient. I am loving you all from afar, prosperous blessings!
    Jul 17

  • Kenisha Powell How do you know whether or not you’re doing what’s best? You can have confidence in a decision you’ve made but still worry if it was the right choice. #JustWondering
    Feb 27

  • Shaheed Linder 5/1/19 Went All Day Without Watching T.V. #My30Accomplishments
    May 1

  • Jermaine Morris Car broke down today, in the rain, on my way to work SMH. A few years ago I would have been cussing people out all week. Now I'm appreciative that I could get it towed and are in position to get it fixed, finished off my day and still feel pretty good. Im either much more grateful and patient or are slowly getting senile lol either way
    Apr 2

  • Marshon Thomas Saying affirmations to myself through self-hypnosis
    Jan 30