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  • Wesley Brown I'm letting go things that I don't have control over. #LetGo
    Aug 7

  • Michelle Hart If I wasn’t scared, I would be doing everything in my power and available to me to be singing. Open mics, or whatever. Singing is in my heart and soul, brings me more joy than pretty much anything else, but for fear of being told I am not good enough, I don’t. #ToughQuestions
    Aug 2

  • Mary Jordan-Ellis It's been awile Life Management Family. I hope all is well with everyone. Glad to be back!!
    Jun 30

  • Lynn Jackson Happily working on self!! Saying no so I feed me
    Aug 22

  • Lovey Tillotson Today is Monday, I will vacuum my floor and make a space for this challenge! Day #1
    Jun 3

  • Mark Farentino Often in my life different things are highlighted and I think these things potentially are developing me. For the last few weeks not that I have never paid any attention to it before but perspective has been at the forefront of everything. Here’s a thought pessimism and optimism resides in the same glass and both begin and end at the same level but it is your perspective that either makes the glass half empty or half full. Gratitude either fills you up or ungratefulness empties you out. Perspective will brighten your day or dampen it. The choice you make helps to either develop your character in a positive manner or creates character flaws. For example if I decide that optimism is my focal point then I can appreciate the little until more is added thus empowering my joy but if my focal point is pessimism then I complain adding unnecessary frustrations and negativity ultimately guiding my character to be seen as a person who is for the lack of better terms a negative Nancy. Therefore, desire optimism it will brighten up your life adding more to your productivity and progress & empowering your mood and good health.
    Aug 3

  • Alex Gielow Today I’m attempting to #LetGo of stress when taking action. Not everything triggers me, but situational transitions under pressure make it hard to create a flow. I look at my wife who multitasks well, talks to dozens of people all day long, while implementing and planning. I long to be like that. I’m a hyper focused type. It is hard to use it like a gift while not creating self sabotage.
    Aug 8

  • sharika willis How do you deal with a family member that continuously make HUGE life altering mistakes? My niece who is/will be 26 on Saturday has 3 kids, no stable place to stay, can't keep a decent job, got married to her abusive kids Father without telling anyone, has been trying to get a divorce but it had been dragged out for over a year. Her husband has been trying to get full custody of the boys, and neither are fit to parent these boys. They keep getting restraining orders against each other and the kids are being effected by this. My niece just went to jail about a month ago for fighting him and his girlfriend while they were making switch with kids for his visitation. NOW last night she was arrested for DUI. I'm just tired..She already has nothing her bond is $10,000. Her car was impounded, she will probably lose her job, and her kids . I'm just a working class single mother so I dont have anything to offer her, but she knows my Mom does and each time something comes up she thinks we we supposed to offer her money to bail her out.(my sister and I take care of our Mom's expenses). I can't understand now people can make decisions on their own and know it ALL at that point but when the shit hit the fan THEN they want to let you know what is going on.
    Jul 26