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  • Monique Brown If no one judged me, who would I be? Looking back I would say I judged myself ALOT and talked myself out of many opportunities from fear and insecurities. When I was younger, i wanted to model, so I would've pursued that and other creative work. #ToughQuestion
    Aug 3

  • Nathan Fisher NF7 Because of my time zone, Every time I log on here #TheLMT is like You should be asleep NathanFisherNF7
    Mon at 2:23 AM

  • Virginia El Hi Everyone, I have been on a soulcation. Straighten some kinks in myself. I am feeling myself again. Being great with who and where I am in life. If I wasn’t scared I would have taken a chance on creating my own boutique. I am always interested in creating fashion, jewelry and decorating. I would venture into doing these things sooner. So I have started lately to put these things into action in small steps. I have now added organizing closets and home to the list.
    Aug 2

  • Onnoleigh Sweetman #AngerChallenge one thing that infuriated me are predatory people in spiritual communities that use loaded language to manipulate and push boundaries. How it helps: it helps me to recognize where my own boundaries have been weak and a great reminder to always trust myself. I have the answers and will never doubt myself again.
    Aug 20

  • Hope Foster-Wilson #IJL how to be the change that I want to see... #PrisonerOfHope
    May 22

  • Danielle Shepherd Sara is crushing it! Not only is she constantly and consistently working to change her own mindset, but the love and care and concern she has shown me, personally, has been exponential. These last 2 months have been a deep struggle for me and, without hesitation, this woman continues to reach out to me with love and encouragement. Most people in my day to day life have just gone astray, yet here is this kind and loving soul continuing to reach out to me and checking on me. I have watched her grow over these few months and work endlessly to change her own mindset while simultaneously reaching out to others to share all of the knowledge she is obtaining along her journey so that none of us misses out. She's a rare soul that I am honored to have in my life and to call my friend. Ohhh, she is definitely crushing it!!!
    Jul 3

  • Clint Roscoe ;
    Aug 5

  • James Bullock Today, I did my very best and won the fight against self doubt. Tomorrow I will win again.
    Apr 22

  • Romany and Staff This is another true-life story you would love. The love of a mother!
    November 8, 2018

  • Astrid Cuypers I am holding on to bad habits, I need to be in better control. #LetGo of comfort food and procrastination
    Jul 24