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  • Celeste TheTherapist ™️ #letGo of what I cannot control!!!! it is so freeing
    Aug 6

  • Renee Bryant What angers me now is my slow recovery. Everything that I had planned on doing came to an abrupt stop. I even made it slow up more by me giving up and giving in. But today I can say I am walking 3 miles a day with little assistance. I was called today to help assist in a grand opening of a hotel..They want me to coordinate the holiday decorations. This motivates me more, not only because they are willing to work with me as is, but it is something that I love to do. So with all that said , what angered me almost held me back by allowing it to define me.However I decided that it was not me. Happy tears this evening. ##AngerChallenge
    Aug 20

  • Meta W Good evening #LMT family
    Aug 17

  • Jornell Kopp I’m a former First Lady, my second husband was pastor after he passed I left the church. I have tried to go to church but I’m not ready yet.
    Apr 30

  • Toni Del "You've yet to have your finest hour."
    Jul 18

  • Angie Valentin So I just got a call that my uncle (my moms brother) passed away from cancer an hour ago. Honestly I feel numb right now, not from sadness but the fact he had did some horrific, unspeakable things to me as a child and not just to me but to my cousins and my own mother when they were kids. I feel cheated . He got away with everything he did and didn’t have to apologize for the things he did. All I can honestly say is may god have mercy on his soul.
    Aug 1

  • Erica Gonzales LMT! I need prayers. I need prayers for me and my family I need prayers for my daughter who her mother will not let me be a part of her life I need prayers for my father who is not doing very well and my family to get through any Hard Times. I need prayers for myself because I don't know what to do anymore, all I ever do is cry I pray to God everyday that he Open the Eyes of my ex to let her see what she's doing to my daughter and me by keeping us apart. She told me she resents me because she does not think my daughter loves her as much as she loves me, she doesn't want me and my daughter's life because I'm not blood even though I have raised her since she's taking her first breath, and have always been there for the both of them even after she decided to leave. I love my daughter with all my heart she is my world and right now my world is incomplete. She's been lying to her boyfriend about bringing my daughter to see me she's brought her twice since she took away my ability to pick her up every week. and now she thinks that I'm going to try and ruin her relationship because I don't get my way which is not true I'm not trying to do anything to her relationship. I really just want my relationship back with my daughter I want to be able to spend time with her, see her grow up, hear her laugh, I miss everything about her I just want to hug her and give her kisses, it brings me to tears because I don't know what to do I wish somebody could help me find a way to be able to get rights to be able to see my daughter. I'm not trying to take her away from her mother I'm not trying to do any of that I just want to be able to spend time with her to see her. Financially I don't have the capabilities at the moment to hire lawyer and truthfully I don't think that hiring a lawyer is going to get me what I want which is to spend time with my baby. She will be starting school on Monday her first day of kindergarten and her mom tells me I can't be there. she says I have done nothing but cause problems in her life and into a relationship but I haven't done anything wrong for her to say that it's me causing problems in her relationship. I just want to be in my daughter's life I just want to be able to see her and to hug her and kiss her and to be able to tell her to have a good day at school and help her with her homework when she gets home. I'm an emotional wreck and I don't have anybody to talk to all of my family is dealing with everything that's going on with my dad. I have thought to myself that eliminating myself from everything would probably be what's best for everybody but I could never do that to myself. I've never thought about suicide or anything like that but having my ex told me she wished I was dead made me think if her life would be better off without me. Please LMT if there's anything you can say that will help me with this pain that I'm going through please feel free to voice your opinion in your thoughts because I'm really at the end of everything right now I really don't know what to do.
    Aug 16

  • Derrick L Pearson I let go of trying to convince others. I am firmly in sharing with hopes that they can use the information. The argument is overrated. #letgo
    Aug 7

  • Marlene Victoria I probably have no right to ask this lol but is there still going to be an app for #LMT?
    Aug 9

  • Debrika Wright Person Hey LMT family! After being sick with the flu and strep throat I am glad to be feeling better! I'm about to get out the house for the first time in almost a week! I just felt like rocking my "Kill them with Excellence" tshirt! Yes Rom...I am wearing it this time! Lol! Have a blessed weekend!
    Mar 16