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  • Joy Marino I am letting go of childhood trauma. #LetGo
    Aug 9

  • Vegan Chick Romany how can we help you grow this site?
    November 8, 2018

  • Marla Hunter Hey Marla Hunter, what piece of clutter will you remove today? Let me think... 1. Clothes that I can no longer fit. 2. Teacher resources that I no longer use
    Jul 10

  • Denise Caputo I don't know exactly how to explain this. I'm not feeling very eloquent with my words today, so bear with me here. LOL Why is it that some people always hate on the things that you love? There’s always that one person when I’m like, “Hey, I like this thing right here. It makes me happy,” right away, they're like, “that thing you love is total shit. What’s wrong with you?” Some people just aren’t happy unless they are making others miserable, and that's obnoxious. So, today (or tonight, actually, b/c it's happening right now) I #LetGo of seeking approval from these types of people or caring what these negative people think about things that bring me joy.
    Aug 7

  • Cassandra Bell Cleaned out my closet and let go of clothes I can not fit anymore. I donated the clothes
    Aug 9

  • Danya Searles I need to stop eating late at night or when I’m watching tv, it’s a bad habit I’d like to replace with a good one that’s better for me. #toughquestions
    Jun 18

  • Kei Malone If no one judged me, I’d be the same as I am now. Mainly because I really don’t give a fuck what others think of me. Love me or don’t; like me or don’t. #ToughQuestion
    Aug 3

  • Rory Johnson Letting go of fear #letgo
    Aug 7

  • Crystal Hickerson Love is the strongest and the most needed emotion in the universe. Give more of it. Accept more of it.
    Jan 14