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  • Renee LadyByrd Burgess A Tribe Called #LMT! I love my tribe! #declutter and #organization coming real soon!
    Aug 25

  • Margarita Rodriguez Just a confession..self reflect. A true testimony of the Universe/ God speaking to me. Last night I went on Instagram and Robin Roberts , said something that really made me feel as if she knew me personally. She stated:" Are you afraid to go after something?..How bad do you really want it?". Two nights ago i had an odd dream..we all have them of course. But i had a dream I was standing at a ledge..and I was staring down at the lake(in the water). Daring myself to just jump in(and my daughter was standing at the side watching me). I think she dared me, can't recall. But i just kept saying, "Should I jump or not?". All of this is my concious speaking from within, saying " Do i want to jump and take that risk?". I commented, and told her she must know how i feel And thank you for the post!
    Aug 22

  • Victoria Parker-Stroude I refuse to have "Born Fearless" tattooed on my body and be afraid of ANYTHING except God Himself. And I will walk in that fearlessness so long as there is breath within me. #NewNarrative
    Aug 4

  • Romany Malco Letting go of playing small. #LetGo
    Aug 10

  • Elisha De Unexpectedly received this message this morning: "This month of May shall be a month of fruitfulness, blessing, prosperity, greatness, lifting, divine security or protection, Breakthrough, favor, mercy, kindness, double honor, unlimited joy, supernatural increase, abundance, more of God's presence and sound health are yours in Jesus name, amen. Happy new month..." What a great way to start the day and month! Happy May #LMT #WhyNotWednesday #SendPositiveEnergy
    May 1

  • Danita B Today I'm manifesting a healthy work environment where boundaries are respected and autonomy is granted
    Aug 26

  • Mubasher Mubi test post...
    Jul 22

  • Dwana Nicholson Tonight's self love ritual is going to bed early and getting a good night's sleep.
    Mar 5

  • Frann Ramos #letgoofmen Tirde of being a back burner b****
    Aug 9

  • Sarah Gielow May you have the happiest of birthdays Tawannie! And an even better year ahead of you!
    Aug 10