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  • Tamera Currington I know I’ve been totally silent the past few weeks. Life has not stopped gut punching me yet. My daughter suffered 2 strokes last night, it’s just one month shy of a year from the last two. I’m trying my best to be there for her , while caring for her two toddlers while now simultaneously trying to find permanent stable housing. I can’t sleep, every time I fall into slumber, something jostled me out of it. Just had a pretty bad panic attack and I’m sure more are to follow. Can’t get the image of her stroking out, out of my head. I’m mentally and emotionally spent. Not sure how much more I can take. Tired of people and their, “hold on, everything happens for a reason “ “be strong you got this” “just cast your cares on Jesus” bullshit. I just want to scream, I don’t want to consider that it could be worse, I don’t want to compare my shit to someone else because at least I’ve got one leg up. I don’t want to sit in misery but right now, in this moment, I just want to scream out into the universe how fucking tired I am of all of this shit. I want to read my life out to the universe like punishable charges, I want to scream why and receive an answer . But none of that will happen, so I’ll have to be grateful for this space where I didn’t have to worry about being grammatically correct and I can simply say, “Fuck this shit!”
    Feb 27

  • Misie Goode I had a 4 page monologue script to learn and finally performed last week. Phew! Exhaled! #ActorsLife #ThisIsMyHustle
    May 11

  • Todd Flora #ToughQuestions. I would say my phone allows greater productivity in some ways, but less in others. Is it more productive to text my wife when I need an answer but know she's at an event and can't take a call? Yes. Do I really need to check Twitter for the 4th time today? No. ...and what else could I be doing instead. Then again, what if my aim is to be more productive... ON Twitter?
    Jun 20

  • Joe Garcia I can go for a cigar, a taste and some nice conversation....ok, my break is over. Talk to you guys later.
    Feb 4

  • Naomi Cummings I hear my husband coming in the room and my daughter chatting with her friend in the background.
    Jul 14

  • Tarez Sweetie God made me like a cast iron skillet STRONG AND DURABLE, Sometime I may feel real low but I never give in or give up And I never will #SelfLoveSaturday
    Jul 6

  • Ché Maurice Bharath who here has experience with crowdfunding?
    Aug 6

  • Damon Cruel Exercise getting my Energy Up getting out the House
    Jun 18