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    Psychology & Psychotherapy

    Everything related to psychology and psychotherapy goes here. Theory, research, practices assessments, questions and treatments.
    led by Romany Malco

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    Autism Awareness

    Information on treatments and methods for parenting children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
    led by Romany Malco

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    As we all experience life, we are likely to also experience "triggers". They can be explained as something that can cause an intense, and usually negative, emotional reaction in someone. Triggers are likely to happen in someone who has been emotionally,...  more
    led by Janine Daniels-Moore

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    Celeste The Therapist

    The goal of my podcast is to shift the way you think. I started my podcast July 2, 2018. I interviewed people from different backgrounds and experiences every Monday. Season 1 ended in December. Even though it is over, every Wednesday I have bonus episodes where I talk about an issue and then bring up a solution.

    Season 2 starts March 4, 2019. :-)
    led by Celeste TheTherapist ™️

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    A support group for people seeking help with depression.
    led by Romany Malco