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    The Dad’s List Podcast

    Dad's of all cultures have portrayed negatively for years in our society (deadbeat, overly macho, ineffective at child raising & the go to comic relief). This group gives us an opportunity to post the positives that we see and experience. Recognition and...  more
    led by J.LeVar Bryan, Sr.

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    Inspirational Media

    I see inspirational pictures, meme's, and video all over the web. I wanted a group to share the findings.
    led by Jeffrey Fisher

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    the C word

    Talking openly and honestly about cancer: what is it? why is it? who is impacted? emotions about it, etc.
    led by Tomeka Burgess

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    Fruit and Veggie Feast

    All species have a species specific diet. Lions are carnivores, humans are frugivores which means we thrive of eating mainly fruit. Fruit is anything with a seed in it.
    --- Rules of Fast:---
    -Eat mainly raw fruits
    -You may allow yourself to eat some...  more
    led by Vegan Chick

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    This is where we post our Declarations, New Narratives, Positive Affirmations, Self Love, etc.
    led by Romany Malco

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    A Created Life movie

    A film about healing from childhood trauma, complex developmental trauma, and learning to rewire your brain to let go of old patterns and create a new life.
    led by Coreen Zalot

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    Patient Heal Thyself

    We are more powerful than we are led to believe! Our bodies have the ability to overcome disease when given the right tools.
    led by Vegan Chick

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    Psychology & Psychotherapy

    Everything related to psychology and psychotherapy goes here. Theory, research, practices assessments, questions and treatments.
    led by Romany Malco

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    That's About Write

    Share and promote think pieces, blog/vlog posts, podcasts, and books. A safe space for creative writers. Write this way!
    led by Ragpaper Media