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    Everyday Heroes

    This group is a place where you can proudly speak on your everyday heroes! It can be a local community service hero like a fire fighter or police officer or it can be those you look upto or have greatly influenced your life! All is welcome here!!
    led by Nathan Fisher NF7

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    Favorite Stand Up Bits

    We need to laugh! We all have our favorite stand up bits. If it makes you laugh, share it!
    led by Derrick L Pearson

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    Vaccines are poison

    The truth about vaccines
    led by Sara Sharifi

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    Che's random thoughts

    See the groups name. Don't jump in here if your skin soft and soul brittle
    led by Ché Maurice Bharath

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    Self Promotional Support

    This group is for anyone who is looking to promote themselves or a project they're working on. In society people look at self promotion as something the unsuccessful people do to try and get likes or social media following.. This group seeks to change...  more
    led by Nathan Fisher NF7

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    OOOOOH! That's my JAM!

    The party starter. Instant mood changer. Automatic ugly face maker. From chair to dance floor in 4 seconds. The car becomes a night club when the beat drops. Head bobbing. Dome nodding. You remember how you danced to it then, just so you can dance to it now.

    what song makes you say....

    OOOOOOH! That's my JAM!
    led by Derrick L Pearson

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    Photography & Videography

    Photography enthusiast, beautiful photographs, lenses, camera gear, landscape photography, portraits camera bags and everything in it!

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    best cheap sony...  more
    led by Romany Malco

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    The Dad’s List Podcast

    Dad's of all cultures have portrayed negatively for years in our society (deadbeat, overly macho, ineffective at child raising & the go to comic relief). This group gives us an opportunity to post the positives that we see and experience. Recognition and...  more
    led by J.LeVar Bryan, Sr.

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    Inspirational Media

    I see inspirational pictures, meme's, and video all over the web. I wanted a group to share the findings.
    led by Jeffrey Fisher