• 2020 Direction

    Due Date: 1/1/21 Created: 12/16/19
    status: In progress (NAN% Complete)
    My Goal for 2020 is to step away from people who do not wish me well by their deeds and not words. Also timewasting things like social media when I could be focussing more on better things to enlighten my life with LMT, writing and building my dreams.
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  • Create Inclusion and Diversity Program

    Due Date: 8/29/19 Created: 8/13/19
    status: In progress (NAN% Complete)
    Create an I&D program for work and outside of work.
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  • My Goals or else

    Due Date: 6/24/19 Created: 4/13/19
    status: In progress (NAN% Complete)
    Eat to live heal optimal weight
    Write again excellence, publish my work however big or small get paid really
    Make new friends
    Organize declutter constantly
    Face my fears win win again
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