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You Don't know My Son Like I Know My Son...

  • Can you believe this shit?! She knew! His mom knew that he was HIV positive and she didn’t say a single word! Oh wait, she did tell me that I didn’t know her son like she knew her son. That could mean ANYTHING! That statement doesn’t say he has HIV.

    The day before my wedding she came to me outside in her garage. She wanted to know if her son told me anything regarding HIV. Well of course not. Why would he? We had went prior to getting married and got tested at his doctor and we both said we were negative in front of the doctor. She said go and ask him about HIV.

    This did bother me so immediately after we spoke I called him outside and we talked. He had no idea what she was talking about. Because I knew we tested and it was negative I didn’t worry. You know how cartoons show a angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? I sure wish there was an angel on my shoulder telling me to dig deeper.

    People always ask me why didn’t I listen to his mom when she told me to ask him about HIV. Truthfully I did, I asked him and he lied. I did what I was supposed to do by testing before marriage and he lied. I mean hell, he even cheated on me while married to me, infected another woman, and impregnated her. He was just a liar all the way around.

    I used to be mad at his mom for not telling me straight up. Her excuse was that he told her I knew. Well if he said I knew then why not spark up a conversation about it? She would have found out right them that I AIN’T KNOW SHIT!