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Adventures of Robert & Kei

  • The adventures of Robert & Kei. Installment#?
    Well last March it was time for the good old yearly auto inspection. In our Comminwealth of Massachusetts they require vehicle inspections yearly so they can scam $35 from us along with our excise tax.
    Last March we passed inspection but not officially. They checked exhaust gas pressure and we had almost zero. This is caused by a leak in the exhaust system.
    So fast forward a year. Knowing we had a problem that would need to be solved before we could pass inspection this year, cheap (thrifty) Robert decided today to patch (weld) any leak so I could get a new inspection.
    Out come the tools the ramps and everything I would need to examine the system. From engine manifold to catalytic converter I diligently checked carefully with my bare hand. Crap, nothing. Still giving it a think (inspired by more than one curse word. I sat on the back porch thinking through the problem. Kei was outside giving the dog a potty break and she asked if I checked the muffler itself. As Kei is often right I said okay let me check.
    It only took about 10 seconds under the car to see the muffler which was perforated with more holes than Swiss cheese.
    We had a good laugh and I found a replacement muffler for $85.
    Looks like I know what I'll do next weekend!
    You have to laugh at all the things we get into here on the mountain.
    Nothing is better than to have a work mate to share these life moments with.
    Have a wonderful Sunday Tribers.

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