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This Girl is on Fire

    Today was not the best day at all. I will spare you all the miniscule bullshit that happened at work, but that shit definitely adds up. What had me pissed off all day long (only because i feel it's fucking unforgivable and to be completely honest, I want blood) is that this morning, my husband, while taking our boys to school, gets a phone call while waiting for the school to let the kids in. It's not uncommon for him to answer a call and put it on speaker; so he did. It was the nursing home calling to inform him that his mother, who has health issues and cancer to boot, has passed. The boys hear all of this. They've called his 2 sisters and his brother who lives out of town. The word has been spread. He heads back home all the while trying to soothe our 12 and 9 year old, he's speaking with his sister and soon will be heading back out to pick up our eldest from school and me from work. At this point, about 30min has passed and my husband received another call from the nursing home. They were calling to inform him that they fucked up and did not take the fucking time to verify (because of the name similarities) that they were calling the correct family of the deceased!! The stress, the heartache, the grief, that fucking shit hole of a facility caused for 30 goddamn fuckin minutes because no one took the time to look at the fucking LAST names.
    Inexcusable!!! All day, I've been fuming and I really wish I had some weed right now to chill out this anger...and I don't even fucking smoke!

    Even though her time is coming, it is NOT today. We all are very grateful for that.

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