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How Reiki Changed My Life

  • I have always toyed with the idea that underneath all the corporate jobs and city living that I am a bit of a flower child, indigo baby and all around hippie. I believed in the law of attraction long before I knew there was a book written about it. I’ve always connected with the true beauty of the earth and I’ve sat around a few campfires smoking tons of pot. So, naturally I was attracted to the concept of reiki but never really explored it. That was until I got “sick and tired” of being sick and tired.

    For years I suffered physically from mental and emotional trauma. My mental health had taken a toll on my physical health and I simply had enough. In addressing those mental health issues (high level anxiety and depression), I began to research the art form of meditation and stress reduction. Reiki was a natural fit for me. I began researching Reiki and found that it is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement (

    As I began to practice Reiki, I immediately felt a difference in my spiritual, emotional and mental energy. That in itself made a profound change in my immediate environment. I began to handle high stress situations completely different and sometimes I simply didn’t handle them at all. It wasn’t long before I was recognized as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer. My energetic transition could be sensed almost immediately. My family and friends recognized almost instantly the change in my demeanor. Most importantly I noticed a change in my physical health. Less migraines, anxiety attacks minimized to mild irritations and I felt invigorated.

    The study of Reiki easily gravitates towards healthier eating (working on daily) and cleaner living. I find that I am more organized and focused. My creativity has gone into overdrive. Reiki is not a religious substitution or replacement. It is not religious in any manner. It (for me) is an enhancer to my spirituality and a deeper connection to my humanity. The principals are simple and the practice is rewarding.

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