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Social Media For Business

  • I don't even know where to begin. But if you are a personality, represent a brand, company or organization you should consider funneling your social media following to a domain you control. It can be a website, online support group, mailing list, text number, splash page, etc.

    This is not to rule out social media, but it helps to prevent fraud while affording your most devout supporters a more up close and personal experience. It also helps you distinguish spectators from supporters. No offense to anyone but it's a fact. Some people are the ideal social media follow.

    But there are others who connect with your message in a deeper way and will help promote your cause. Sadly, they end up being clumped in with everyone else as social media has become less 'social.' We now have to wade through so much of the riffraff to find a meaningful message from our supporters or the people we support.

    Also, your domain, mailing list, support group, website or personal platform should be worthwhile. Your content should be more authentic, less polished and more personal. All of your social media channels should point to a domain you control. This way, when FB, IG, YouTube, Twitter, etc. changes their algorithms, censor specific types of content, etc. you won't lose touch with your core following.

    Think of your personal domain as a backup hard drive. Another benefit is you control the narrative and can shut down impersonators instantly should they attempt to hijack your website. I've had so many impersonators on FB and IG it's disgusting.

    I've experienced how the change of an algorithm can completely disconnect us from our fan base. I've also experienced how a core group of devout supporters can rally to help finance a movie I could have never made on my own. (@tijuanajackson) This is why 80% of my social media time is spent on my own platform with my most devout supporters, who barely make up 0.02% of my entire social media following. However, they make my online experience healthier and much more pleasant. ❤️

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