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  • When it comes to men, women and relationships, I have learned so much. As for me, I have not been in a relationship in over 10 years. I took all that time to not only work on myself but also to learn about men in general. I have a friend on Facebook that counsels single men and women as well as marriages. He would go on Facebook live and teach on the rights and wrongs that men and women do. What women want and what men want. I wasn't too concerned about the women side because it did not apply to me. When he started talking about the men, I was all ears.

    When it comes to relationships, women have to be able to be silent and let the man talk. The reason why men don't express themselves is because women don't stop and listen and not cut the man off. Once he sees that he can talk to you, he will express himself more. women have to understand that men hurt the same way women do. Men tend to have trust issues when it comes to being in a new relationship. The woman has to gain trust with the man. Because the man has been hurt, Men have to see that the new woman will not hurt him like his last. It is the same for a woman except, women tend to bring their baggage into their new relationship. Things that happened in their old relationship, they think their new man will do the same. Both male and female have to take the time to work on themselves and be healed from their past relationship. Once they have been healed, they can open themselves up to a new relationship.When they do get into a relationship, neither male or female should ever compare their new man or woman to their last man or woman. We all have to realize that everybody is different. 

    The most important thing that a man wants from a woman, is respect. A man will leave if he does not feel respected by the woman. They want to feel loved. They want to know that they have someone that is always going to be there for them and with them. Men want to feel needed. In today's society, women have the mentality that they don't need a man. With that type of mentality, why would a man want to be with a woman like that. Women need to learn how to treat a man. Tearing a man down will make him not want to be with you. Constantly yelling at him and making him feel less than a man, will make him not want to be with you. I know that women do not like the word submissive.They have to be. Being submissive does not mean the man controls everything. It's just being a wife to your husband. A woman that is constantly loud will always be rejected by any man.  

    Men will never have a problem with women if they learn to take care of them. If the man takes care of the woman, the woman will take care of him. If the woman is not taken care of, the man won't be. There is not much of a difference on what a man wants and what a woman wants. I guess I am an old school type of person. The man should always pursue the woman. The biggest mistake a woman can make is saying all men are dogs, or all men are no good, when it's not true. All men are not the same. I had to learn that for myself. Once I Heard my friend talk about it, it changed my perspective on how I see men. 

    I can only speak of my experiences. I can count on my hand of how many relationships and marriage i Have had. I had three relationships, and one marriage. All of them were no good. Three of them were abusive, and one of them I was used. One of the things I have always said was that I didn't want to be with a man that has the characteristics of my father. My father was abusive. It turned out that three of the men were abusive. Back  then, I didn't give myself a chance to heal. I went from one relationship to the next, then got married. After the marriage was when i took the time to heal and work on myself. Hear we are in 2018. I was pursued by a man. I didn't pay any attention to it, but then something told me to give him a chance. We started talking and the conversations were great. we got to know each other really well. Naturally, spiritually and mentally. As I looked at his picture, he looked like I had seen him before but I never have. He said the same about me. Although it has not been long, It feels like we have been talking for a very long time. One thing that I know is that, this relationship is very different from any relationship I have ever had. It feels very real. I have learned that any man that is interested in a woman will make every effort to pursue her and continue to keep communication with her. This man does that. I am finally happy.

    Being in a relationship is not easy, but if you keep the lines of communication opened, and If you make sure you can be trusted, It will keep the arguments down. You have to learn to enjoy each other. Do things to keep the spark going. Be spontaneous.You won't be bored if you keep it fun. Learn to compromise. You do what he wants, and he does what you want. One thing I love is, that I can talk about anything to my significant other. He listens and gives me good advice. He really understands what I go through. We are so close until it is scary to me, but I like it. I can't wait to see what we will be . I hope this blog will give people something to think about.

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