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Why People Underestimate You

  • There are a lot of reasons why people would think that we don't know as much as they do.  They always seem to think that we are slower than they are, and we don't comprehend as much as they do. Truth be told, The reason why people think that way is because they always focus on the mistakes we make. When we make mistakes, they seem to feel like we are stupid, dumb, and whatever words they can think of. We always find ourselves proving to them, and to ourselves that we are not what they say. We wind up surprising ourselves and those around us.

    One thing I have realized is, I am a very intelligent person, but it doesn't show to people. When people have looked at me, I was treated as if I am stupid and dumb. What they never realized is that, I don't always say anything when I see stuff. When I do say something, nobody listens anyway. So it's a waste of time for me. When People see that I can fix a computer, or take a radio apart and fix it and put it back together, they are so surprised. I was a nerd when I was in school. I was a bookworm because I always read books. Anything that I wanted to know, I did extensive research until I was satisfied. Everything I learned did not come from school, It came from being hands on. 

    I am saying this, Every one of us are very intelligent people. Just because we don't always speak on things, does not mean we don't know. We know, but we will not waste time on people who will continue to think we are stupid. I remember telling someone something that I saw, and he never believed me. Guess what, everything I saw it happened. I'm not psychic but I am spiritual. Since he didn't take me seriously, I decided not to tell him anything else. I let him figure it out on his own. I got tired of him making me feel like I don't know anything. So I say this, you don't have to speak every time. Sometimes people will not even care about what you think or say. Why waste your time. Let them underestimate you, but they will see That are you smarter than they thought you were and they will eventually stop. Well hopefully. Don't get mad, be happy because you know you are an intelligent person, no matter what people may think. I don't know about you, but I am tired of being underestimated because I always had to prove to people that I am not dumb or stupid. Aren't you tired of it?

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